Dear customers,

Clementine UWIZEYIMANA and Marc NDAGIJIMANA my spouse, we warmly give you welcome to this website. You will see the Products we make and sell like:

 Different liquid soaps,



Juice made from different fruits,


 The last product mentioned are for sale here and there in the country, and maybe you will be in need of getting trained.

 The purpose of this company is to empower all the Rwandans that they can do more and more in order to promote the development of their country. Being with us will give you the opportunity to get the job to work in our industry as we are expecting so in two years. What you are to do is to consult in our announcements many times if no vacant post is there.

Have you ever have the zeal of reading books? you will also get some books of literature that can help you open your minds. This

Have a fun with us then and enjoy the function of this website.